Why ‘houseblinger’?

Credit goes to Peter Bridge, of Aston, Herts UK, for suggesting housebling to describe houses extravagantly decorated with lights.

What is ‘bling’?

If you’re over thirty, you probably need to ask this question. The word originated with New Orleans rappers in the ‘nineties and is an all-embracing term for diamonds, jewellery and glitzy style. Take a look on Apple’s iTunes and you’ll see how much bling there is about!

How can I take better pictures of my lights at night?
You’re not alone. Go to our digital photography hints page.

Housebling trivia

Blingers’ conference

It’s hard to believe it, but in America, there was a conference on houseblinging last July. Anyone for Pigeon Forge, Tennessee? (link no longer available)

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